Best BCAA in India 2019 -Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Well, who said you cannot maintain your diet or get supplements on the cheap. Here are 3 awesome BCAA supplements that can get the job done without burning a hole in your pocket.

#1: Muscle XP Instantized BCAA 6000 (Orange)

One of the biggest selling points of this BCAA is that it is 100% safe and does not contain any banned substances ensuring you quality results when combined with a good workout routine and diet plan.

Another standout feature of this BCAA is that that unlike most of the BCAA’s on the list this one comes with 500mg of Taurine and L-Alanine in each serving.

Taurine helps improve cardio health whereas L-Alanine helps gain muscle, reduces body fat and increases strength.

Hereto, every 4gms of BCAA gives you a 2:1:1 ratio of Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine for improved recovery and muscle growth.

The orange flavor leaves a refreshing and delicious taste in the mouth that is sure to keep you motivated to hit the gym each day (because nothing matches a healthy, satisfying glass of shake after a hard-hitting workout).

And blending the powder with water takes no more than a little stir which means preparing your shake takes a mere 10-15 seconds.

It has also been ranked as one of the best bcaa supplements by FitnessGoal.


The only small drawback of this supplement is that many people find it a little too sweet. Nothing to be too bothered about too, it is just a matter of different taste buds.

In case you do find the sweetening overpowering you can add a little more water or some lime squeeze should help turn that down a notch.

#2: Grizzly Nutrition Pure BCAA

One of the standout features of this BCAA is the new 4:1:1 ratio of ingredients namely Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. So is that good or bad?

Well, definitely good. Why? This is mostly because your body gets double the dose of Leucine.

This makes it ideal for hardcore gym freaks who lift tons of weight day in and day out as it aids faster recovery and reduces muscle breakdown so you stay ripped and can workout longer.


This BCAA does not mix well with water especially if you only happen to stir it. This why it is recommended to use a shaker for the same.

Also, the taste of the Grizzly BCAA is not that great plus, the 4:1:1 ratio limits its use to only more advanced bodybuilders rather than beginners.

It also cannot be stored for long once the seal is broken because of the added preservatives.

A Final Say….

Downsides, aside, it is still a great alternative for anyone looking for a cheaper BCAA to pep up their workouts.

#3: Healthvit Fitness BCAA 6000

Healthvit is probably the cheapest BCAA you will come across as it is available for less than Rs. 650-700.

But that does not mean compromising with quality, for any beginner, this is a steal as one scoop per day will help reduce the fatigue and make you stronger and better at your workouts within weeks.

It too comes in the ratio 2:1:1 and thus is safe for use any time of the day.


Mixability isn’t the best so make sure you use a shaker or blender

The Tangy orange flavor isn’t the best and neither is the pineapple hence I would recommend you stick to watermelon with this one.

Lastly, this BCAA is only ideal for beginners.


Like I said, getting good and effective supplements on the cheap is a real possibility. Yup, you might have to compromise a little on the mixability and taste but nonetheless, they do provide excellent results.